150 New Esti-Mysteries

This school year, I’m creating 150 brand new Esti-Mysteries.  I’ll be posting a new one nearly every day for the rest of the school year – just like last year.  This is my way of sharing math joy with you all year long!  Prepare for math joy and rich math talk in your classroom as your students work with many concepts, estimation, and a sense of mystery!


For more information, see the FAQs at the bottom of this post.


Esti-Mystery  – and Estimation Clipboard – Posting Schedule


  • Estimation Clipboard (All Grade Levels)  will be posted here.


  • Esti-Mystery (Kindergarten)
  • Esti-Mystery – Level 100 – (Grades 1-2)
  • Esti-Mystery – Level 300 – (Grades 3-8)


  • Esti-Mystery Level 200 – (Grades 1-3)


  • Esti-Mystery – Level 400 – (Grades 4-12)



Monday, December 6

New Estimation Clipboards can be found here(All Grade Levels)


Tuesday, December 7

Kindergarten:  Esti-Mystery 34  –  “Dice More or Less”


Grades 1-2:  Esti-Mystery 151  –  “The White Die Counts and Its Holding a Clue” 


Grades 3-8:  Esti-Mystery 350  –  “Dice Don’t Show Multiples of 9”


Wednesday, December 8

Grades 1-3:  Esti-Mystery 245  –  “The Green Die with 2 Clues”




More Esti-Mysteries…


November 1-5, 2021

Kindergarten:  Esti-Mystery 29  –  “Pile of Beads”


Grades 1-2:  Esti-Mystery 146  –  “Cup of Beads”


Grades 1-3:  Esti-Mystery 240  –  “Vase of Beads”


Grades 3-8:  Esti-Mystery 345  –  “Multiple Beads”


Grades 4-12:  Esti-Mystery 409  –  “The Bead Sequence”



November 8-12, 2021

Kindergarten:  Esti-Mystery 30  –  “Fruit”


Grades 1-2:  Esti-Mystery 147  –  “Fruit Cup”


Grades 1-3:  Esti-Mystery 241  –  “Fruit Glass”


Grades 3-8:  Esti-Mystery 346  –  “So Many Bananas”  


Grades 4-12:  Esti-Mystery 410  –  “When the Number 29 Meets Some Fruit”



November 15-19, 2021

Kindergarten:  Esti-Mystery 31  –  “You Can’t See All the Cherries”


Grades 1-2:  Esti-Mystery 148  –  “Cherry Patterns”


Grades 3-8:  Esti-Mystery 347  –  “Cherries and Products”


Grades 1-3:  Esti-Mystery 242  –  “Reach Up High to the Cherries”


Grades 4-12:  Esti-Mystery 411  –  “Cherry Squared”


November 22-26, 2021

Kindergarten:  Esti-Mystery 32  –  “Fancy Beads”


Grades 1-2:  Esti-Mystery 149  –  “The Bead Discussion”


Grades 3-8:  Esti-Mystery 348  –  “What do you call the dots on the die?”


Grades 1-3:  Esti-Mystery 243  –  “So Many Bead Patterns”


Grades 4-12:  Esti-Mystery 412  –  “When Pairs Fade Away”


November 29 – December 3, 2021

Kindergarten:  Esti-Mystery 33  –  “Plaid Beads” 


Grades 1-2:  Esti-Mystery 150  –  “The Hidden Die Your Chart Will Turn Plaid” 


Grades 3-8:  Esti-Mystery 349  –  “That’s the Difference”  


Grades 1-3:  Esti-Mystery 244  –  “Did You Just Round the Round Beads?”


Grades 4-12:  Esti-Mystery 413  –  “One-Seventh”


Frequently Asked Questions


How to Download the Esti-Mysteries

Q:  How do I get the Esti-Mysteries?

A:  Simply click on the BLUE download link that is the name of the Esti-Mystery.


The Google Slides Question

Q:  These are PowerPoint files, but I use Google Slides.  Can I use them?

A:  Yes!  I use them in both PowerPoint and Google Slides.  After you download the PowerPoint file, make a new folder in google drive and save it into that folder.  Then click on the file (I usually right-click it) and the choose “open with” and then Google Slides.  Then just click Present.


To Receive Notifications

Q:  How can I find out when new Esti-Mysteries are posted?

A:  Simply sign-up for the mailing list on the blog, and I’ll let you know when new ones are posted.


The Clues / The Reveal

Q:  How to I get the clues to appear one by one?

Q:  How do I get the reveal to appear?

A:  Make sure the slide show is playing.  In PowerPoint, click on View Show.  In Google Slides, click on Present.  When it’s playing the clues will appear one at a time, and when you reach the reveal it will appear when you click.


The Embedded Charts

Q:  I see that some of these have charts.  Which one do I use?

A:  Each Esti-Mystery comes with 3 versions (3 options) so you can choose the one you want to use.  The first one has no chart.  The second one has a chart that is show so that you can write on it.  The third one has an animated chart that will shade in numbers that have been eliminated by the clues.  Use the one that works best for you.


I would love to hear your experiences and thoughts!  Just leave a comment below!







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