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170 New Esti-Mysteries

This school year, I’ll be creating and posting 170 brand new Esti-Mysteries. I’ll be posting a new one nearly every day for the rest of the school year – just like last year. The purpose is the same as last year: Sharing math joy with you all year long!

New Estimation Clipboards

To date, I’ve created 101 estimation clipboards. They are very fun and easy to use – and your student will love them! They are also a very exciting and powerful way to build number sense. As I create more, I will post them here.


Welcome to Splat!  You are only moments away from a VERY POWERFUL, highly interactive number sense strategy that can be used at any grade level!

This post includes 50 (fifty!) free, downloadable PowerPoint math lessons!

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STEVES Esti Mystery Clue Toolkit and Templates FALL 2020

New Esti-Mysteries and Number Sense Resources Every Day for the Rest of the School Year

By Steve Wyborney / November 1, 2020

Hi, friends.  I know this is really challenging and we are all exhausted.  This post is my way of providing support and encouragement – as well as bringing math joy to your classroom…   I’m going to stick with you all year long.   To do that, I am going to post a new math…

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YT chapters

The Multiplication Course by Steve Wyborney

By Steve Wyborney / August 18, 2020

  The Multiplication Course by Steve Wyborney is finished and completely ready!  It is a highly interactive multiplication course – on YouTube – with 156 short videos.  They are completely ready for all students, all teachers, all parents, everyone!   The course teaches students deep, rich, and important multiplication concepts while they are also learning…

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12 most popular posts blog post image

The 12 Most Popular Math Strategies and Downloads

By Steve Wyborney / February 10, 2020

Over the past 5 years, this blog has seen nearly 3.1 million views.  The most popular strategies from the blog all have one thing in common:  They include downloadable resources and strategies which can be immediately used in the classroom.  They are also free!  I’m sometimes asked these two questions: “Which are the most popular…

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FREE e-Book: Top 20 Teaching Tips for 2020

By Steve Wyborney / January 20, 2020

At the beginning of every calendar year, I write something new for the education community. In 2017, I wrote Splat!  (It took me until nearly the middle of February to finish it that year!) In 2018, I wrote Cube Conversations (I actually managed to finish that series a few days early, just before January.) In…

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Esti Mystery Feature Pic

51 Esti-Mysteries

By Steve Wyborney / September 22, 2019

51 Brand New Esti-Mysteries!  4 Challenge Levels!  All New Images! If you’ve used the Esti-Mysteries from the original Esti-Mysteries blog post, or the 15 additional Esti-Mysteries that I wrote for 20 Days of Number Sense and Rich Math Talk, you’ll really enjoy this new set!   My goal was to write and post 51 brand new…

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20 DAYS blog pic

20 Days of Number Sense & Rich Math Talk (K-12)

By Steve Wyborney / February 17, 2019

20 Days of Number Sense & Rich Math Talk – for all grades from K-12. That is the goal of this series. Entirely new, exclusive content fills this post in a ready-to-use format that will allow you to deeply explore 4 rich math routines. By downloading each day, you can have a clear pathway to…

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EM Clue 2

Esti-Mysteries: Estimation Meets Math Mysteries

By Steve Wyborney / November 12, 2018

Introducing Esti-Mysteries!  Each image invites students to wonder what number is represented by the image.  As you click through the each Esti-Mystery, clues will appear that will allow the students to use math concepts to narrow the set of possibilities to a small set of numbers.  In the end, the students will need to call…

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100 Subitizing Slides Blog Pic

100 Subitizing Slides & 10 Challenge Patterns

By Steve Wyborney / September 30, 2018

With a click, a pattern of dots appears on your screen.  Instantly your students tell how many.  They don’t count the dots.  Instead they simply know the total at a glance. Subitizing – when a person looks at a small set of objects and instantly detects the total without counting.  It’s a powerful process and…

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Splat for Google Slides Pic

Splat! for Google Slides – 40 Lessons

By Steve Wyborney / September 1, 2018

For my educator friends who have access to Google Slides, but do not have access to PowerPoint, this post is for you.  Since Google Slides does not have the animation that makes the Splats become transparent, the Splat! reveal does not work in Slides.  Now – with these materials – it will.  I’ve rewritten the…

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Bundle 1 Glasses Pic

The Estimation Clipboard

By Steve Wyborney / April 17, 2018

The Estimation Clipboard is a set of 40 lessons that each include 4 highly similar images.  Each image provides an invitation to estimate.  Then as new images are introduced, the students’ context and intrigue will grow – and so will their excitement. Jennifer Barker recently wrote about her experience with The Estimation Clipboard in her…

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80 Printable Image 2

80 Printable Cube Conversations Pages and 4 Instructional Strategies

By Steve Wyborney / February 18, 2018

Several weeks ago, I posted Cube Conversations, which is a set of 80 animated lessons designed to promote visually rich math discourse.  You can learn more about – and download – all 80 of the Cube Conversations lessons here. Today, I’m adding a new – and very important – element to the series, which is…

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Cube Conversations Image

Cube Conversations

By Steve Wyborney / December 29, 2017

    Cube Conversations is a set of 80 (eighty!) animated lessons designed to promote visually rich math discourse.  I’ve designed these lessons to invite many voices and vantage points into classroom conversations. Much like Splat!, you control the animation with a few simple clicks  – and each click presents an opportunity for students to…

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