Video: How to Draw a 3D Number 2 (bonus challenges included!)

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Are you looking for an activity for 2.22.2022?  Here is a video for you.  It shows how to draw a 3-dimensional number 2.  Of course, that is just the beginning.  If you look closely, you’ll see that the 2 is actually made of 22 small cubes.  If you look even more closely you’ll see the number 22 appear in the video.


In fact, there are 5 challenges included at the end of the video that will add even more fun to it.  They are a combination of hidden easter eggs + math thinking around the number 22.  Find a piece of paper and a pencil – and watch the video as you draw.  It’s 8:04 in length.  That time, of course, is a hidden detail as well.  I hope you enjoy this!  I wish you a wonderful 2-22-22!


Personal Note:  New Blogging Territory

This post travels into new blogging territory for me.  While there are already about 170 videos on my YouTube channel, this is the first time I’ve shared a deep dive into a single video.  After you watch the video, take some time to read more about it below.  I’m including 10 Behind-the-Scenes notes about the video.


12 Behind-the-Scenes Notes About the Video


#12.  It’s best to watch it with paper and pencil.

While you could simply click on play, you’ll have a much more interactive experience if you have paper and pencil in hand while you watch it.


#11.  The 2 is made of exactly 22 small cubes.

Near the beginning of the video, I break the large 2 apart so you can see all 22 cubes.


#10.  The number 2 is said aloud exactly 22 times in the video.

After you watch the video once – and complete the drawing – you’ll find 5 bonus challenges.  One of the challenges is to find how many times the number 2 is said aloud.  If you have wondered what the answer is, it’s 22.  If you haven’t tried it yet, after you watch the video with paper and pencil, go back a 2nd time to see if you can find all 22 of the times when “two” is said aloud.


#9.  The video was posted on 2.2.22

As of this writing, we are anticipating February 22, 2022.  It will be fun to write the date on 2.22.22, but the another interesting detail is that the video was originally posted on February 2.



#8.  The temperature was 22 degrees when I finished recording – the first time.

When I went for a morning walk on Saturday, January 29, before recording the video, the temperature was 12 degrees!  You can imagine I was pretty cold by the time I finished my walk and started recording the video.  By the time I finished recoding and editing – and exported the video – it was exactly 22 degrees!


yt temp 12 update            yt temp 22        




When the video exported, I noticed that the video file was 8:05 seconds long.  Because of one of the challenges, I wanted the video to be as close to 8:04 as possible.  So I went back and trimmed off 1 second, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to claim that 22 degree coincidence.  The math challenge was much more important to me.  By the time I finished, the temperature had risen to 23 degrees.  Maybe 23 is an idea for another video.  On a side note, I’m not sure why the frog was hanging the towels up to dry.


   yt temp 23


#7. There are 2 ways you can watch the video.

The video is on my YouTube channel – and it’s also embedded on this page of my blog up above #8.  You can watch it from either place.


#6. This isn’t the only drawing video.

Inside of my YouTube channel is a multiplication course with about 150 videos.  It’s arranged in 12 chapters, and there are drawing videos inside the course.  If you’ve taken the course, you recognize this drawing style.


#5.  If you watch carefully, you’ll see the number 22 in the video.

During the portion on coloring the structure, watch carefully and you’ll see the number 22 appear when the front layer and the back layer slide apart.


#4.  There is 1 time when the lines are erased in reverse.

One of the 5 challenges – at the end of the drawing portion – explains this challenge.  It will lead you to a very specific time stamp.  See if you can find it.


#3.  It’s possible the video will have 22,222 views by 2.22.22.

It will be fun to see what happens.


Update:  The video reached 28,776 views by the end of 2.22.22.

YT video views at end of 2.22.22


#2. There is a limited-time, downloadable PDF that you are welcome to have.

You can find it right here:  PDF printable extension to How to Draw a 3D Number 2 YouTube Video

Notice there are several different line weights so you can have options of how to use them.

Here are images from 3 sample pages of the PDF:

2a    2b    2c


#1.  I’m so grateful for you.

Thank you for taking time to read this.  I very much enjoy creating and sharing Esti-Mysteries and Estimation Clipboards daily.  I love the stories and posts and tweets that I hear from you.


I hope you enjoy this video as well – and I hope it sparks math joy in your classroom!


If you want to share you creation feel free to tag me on Twitter @stevewyborney









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