5 × 9 Is More Than 45

5 times 9 A

Even though some students and teachers will chase multiplication facts, such as 5 x 9 = 45, in pursuit of memorizing the products, there is so much more waiting to be learned…     Thank you for visiting my blog!  You may also be interested in Experiencing Subitizing, which launched the Subitizing Series.  The Animated…

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The Lattice Discussion

Lattice Pic

I put this together very, very quickly in response to a discussion that included questions about lattice multiplication.  You’ll see me dabbling with three models in order to find the connections among all of them.     You may also be interested in Experiencing Subitizing, The Animated Multiplication Table, or Exploring Multiplication.      

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Beyond Subitizing

Beyond Subitizing Pic

In this 4th post in the Subitizing Series I’ll use 4 simple dots to illustrate what happens when we provide students with space to notice.  There is also an image at the end that is one of my favorite patterns to use with students.  I hope you will use it in your classroom!  Enjoy! THE…

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How to Make Quick Subitizing Images + 3 Free Resources

subitizing screenshot pic

You are moments away from creating your own quick images.  Watch the video, download the three free resources, and use your new images to promote rich mathematical discourse in your classroom. 1.  Experiencing Subitizing 2.  The Boundary of Subitizing, “The Rewind Version” 3.  How to Make Quick Subitizing Images + 3 Free Resources 4.  Beyond…

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The Boundary of Subitizing (The Rewind Version)

silent subitizing

Before I proceed with this series on subitizing, I must raise these questions:  Is there a subitizing boundary?  Is there a number of objects which are simply too many to subitize?  If so, what might that number be?   1.  Experiencing Subitizing 2.  The Boundary of Subitizing, “The Rewind Version” 3.  How to Make Quick…

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Experiencing Subitizing

Subitizing Question Pic

Experiencing Subitizing is the first in a six-part series on subitizing.  The links to the other posts will become active this week.   1.  Experiencing Subitizing 2.  The Boundary of Subitizing, “The Rewind Version”  3.  How to Make Quick Subitizing Images + 3 Free Resources 4.  Beyond Subitizing 5.  These Dots Will Grow on You…

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Is This Claim Always True?

Claim True Pic

I have a claim.  It may be true.  It may not be true.   My question:  Is my claim always true?   Watch the video and think about it carefully.  Along the way, remember the power of the pause button, one of the most powerful buttons in education because it provides us with space to…

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The Parking Meter Solution

parking meter solution pic

One week after posting The Parking Meter Question, here is the solution. If you have not yet watched the original video you will want to begin here. Also, the PDF can be downloaded here.  If you use it in class, please send me a photo!     For further instructional ideas and activities, take a…

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How is Math Like Peanut Butter?

PB pic 1

How is math like peanut butter?  How are prime numbers like glue? Here is an instructional strategy that you can quickly use to help students to think carefully about the attributes of two very unlike ideas. This post ends differently than my other animated posts.  It ends with a challenge.  I am looking for at…

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The Parking Meter Question


You are about to see a question, a flexible mathematical model, a solution pathway, and an answer. My question to you:  Do you agree with the answer that I provide in the video? In one week, I will post an animated model which will either prove or disprove the answer suggested in the video. To…

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8 Animated Dots and 1 Powerful Question

8 dots picture1

Here are 8 dots and 2 questions.  One of the questions is very powerful.  I hope this short video will cause your perspective to shift multiple times and will allow you to see through the eyes of several of your students.     Here are some recent posts which may also be of interest: A…

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What is in the cup? (fractions and ratios)

mystery fraction cup

What is in the cup?  This is an engaging, interactive, classroom community and exploration activity that will lead to powerful discussion.  Watch the video below and try this activity in your classroom.     Another post you might be interested in is this powerful vocabulary activity:  Talk a Mile a Minute. You may also be…

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