How to Create 9 Identical Dot Patterns in 10 Seconds or Less

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Wow!  What a response to the last 2 posts!  In Provide Massive Space to Notice, I detailed how to use repeated dot patterns.  In 180 Opportunities to Notice, I simply provided 10 pages of dot patterns that can be downloaded.  In this post, I would like to give you 2 templates that will allow you to create your own dot patterns.  As the title states, you can truly create 9 identical dot patterns in less than 10 seconds.  As you create your own dot patterns, you will discover that some patterns prove to be exceptionally rich for building number sense.  I’ve chosen 5 examples in the video that are particularly rich.  I challenge you to wonder why that may be true.  Watch the video to learn how to create 9 identical dot patterns in 10 seconds or less.  Then download the 2 templates and let your students amaze you.


Click here to download Template 1.

Click here to download Template 2.


Another resource that may interest you is Andrew Stadel’s Counting Dots post from his Divisible by 3 blog.


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Further Notes

I really like this response from Fred G. Harwood @HarMath  which features some very clever uses of color, segments, semi-transparency, additional empty circles,  and combinations of annotation to represent a wide variety of meaning.

Fred Harwood Response

Wouldn’t it be interesting to cut apart the equations from the visual representations to see how students would pair them back up?  Thanks, Fred!


Steve Wyborney Avatar

2 responses to “How to Create 9 Identical Dot Patterns in 10 Seconds or Less”

  1. Jo Walsh-Cobb Avatar
    Jo Walsh-Cobb

    I teach third grade and love your thinking and use your materials daily in our room. I found and loved visual multiplication cards – but I can not find where they are located now. Are they removed? Please help me located them. I want to make copies for my kids to take home. Thank you.

    1. Steve Wyborney Avatar
      Steve Wyborney

      Hi, Jo. I don’t have any visual multiplication cards on the site. I’ve seen something like that somewhere, but I can’t remember where. I do have an animated multiplication table, if that is what you are thinking of. Graham Fletcher has something similar to what you are describing on his site, so that may be the place to look. I hope that helps.

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