The Lattice Discussion

Lattice Pic

I put this together very, very quickly in response to a discussion that included questions about lattice multiplication.  You’ll see me dabbling with three models in order to find the connections among all of them.     You may also be interested in Experiencing Subitizing, The Animated Multiplication Table, or Exploring Multiplication.      

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These Dots Will Grow On You


Nearing the end of the Subitizing Series, I wanted to take time to detail a single math question, while placing an emphasis on noticing.  The result is the video below:  These Dots Will Grow on You.  I encourage you to download the resources and to use them in class while providing your students with plenty…

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Beyond Subitizing

Beyond Subitizing Pic

In this 4th post in the Subitizing Series I’ll use 4 simple dots to illustrate what happens when we provide students with space to notice.  There is also an image at the end that is one of my favorite patterns to use with students.  I hope you will use it in your classroom!  Enjoy! THE…

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