FREE e-Book: Top 20 Teaching Tips for 2020

At the beginning of every calendar year, I write something new for the education community.

In 2017, I wrote Splat!  (It took me until nearly the middle of February to finish it that year!)
In 2018, I wrote Cube Conversations (I actually managed to finish that series a few days early, just before January.)
In 2019, I wrote 20 Days of Number Sense and Rich Math Talk  (Like Splat! that took until mid-February to finish.)


It’s January 20, 2020 – so I have something new to share with you…


This year, I wrote an e-Book entitled Top 20 Teaching Tips of 2020.  In this free E-book, I’m sharing out 20 strategies that I believe many educators will enjoy reading.  You may enjoy quickly browsing the list of tips, diving into more detail with just a few of them, or reading all of them since it is such a fast read.



I’ve benefited from several personal points of learning on this project, including:

  • Discovering how to create a landing page.  You will actually go through a landing page I created to access the book.  I truly hope you like the landing page I created.  It will simultaneously allow you to sign up for the blog mailing list and download the book.
  • Learning how to write an e-Book in a simple PDF format.
  • Putting the first sentence in print about my lifelong journey with epilepsy.  You’ll find that first sentence in this book.  I’ll tell you more about this story in the months ahead.

How do I get the book?

To download the book, and simultaneously sign up for the blog mailing list, just visit this page.  You’ll get a look at my first landing page while you are there.


What if I’m already on the blog mailing list?

If you are already on my mailing list, go ahead and download the book.  It won’t “double up” your name or anything like that.


What if I don’t see the book arrive in my email right away?

Then check your email promo tab, junk mail, or other folders or filters.  If it’s in your gmail promo tab simply drag it to your primary tab so you’ll receive other messages in the future.


It’s 2020, and I am excited to share many new resources with you!

Wishing you a wonderful 2020!

All my best,



If you would like to add to the 20 tips that I suggest, please leave a comment below so that together we can compile a powerful running list of tips to share with each other.


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