Scene 3: “The Return”

In Scene 3, from the Animated Learning Walks Series, the classroom teacher detects two rare and powerful opportunities.  Instead of exchanging places, the teacher returns in a different way to take advantage of those two opportunities.

For more information with 4 challenges and practical tips on how to make this realistically happen, see the recent blog post entitled, Stepping Into Each Other’s Classrooms.


The Animated Learning Walks Series

Scene 1:  The First Step  (1:50)

Scene 2:  The Exchange  (2:34)

Scene 3:  The Return  (1:27)

Scene 4:  The Teaming Exchange  (1:20)

Scene 5:  The Glimpse  (1:39)

Scene 6:  Two Teachers Learning Together  (2:07)

The original post, “Stepping Into Each Other’s Classrooms,” includes 4 challenges as well as practical tips on how to make learning walks a reality in your school.


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