80 Printable Cube Conversations Pages and 4 Instructional Strategies

More Free Animated Math Lessons Coming Soon!

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Several weeks ago, I posted Cube Conversations, which is a set of 80 animated lessons designed to promote visually rich math discourse.  You can learn more about – and download – all 80 of the Cube Conversations lessons here.

Today, I’m adding a new – and very important – element to the series, which is a set of 80 downloadable, printable pages.  These pages completely match the animated Cube Conversations lessons.

You’ll see that these pages quickly multiply discourse opportunities for students.

In addition, I’m sharing four instructional strategies.

Watch the video and download the pages in the format that works best for you.  Then let your students amaze you with their insights!


2 Download Options

  1. Have the entire book – of all 80 pages – instantly emailed to you.  Simply fill out the subscription form below and receive the entire book of all 80 pages in a single file.
  2. Download the specific set (or sets) you want by clicking on the links below.


Send Me All 80 Printable Pages!

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Printable Pages 1-10

Printable Pages 11-20

Printable Pages 21-30

Printable Pages 31-40

Printable Pages 41-50

Printable Pages 51-60

Printable Pages 61-70

Printable Pages 71-80



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  1. Carrie Frase on January 24, 2019 at 9:23 am

    Hi Steve, I am wondering if you have any splat lessons for grade 2 around doubles, doubles plus one, friends of 10, etc.
    I love your splat lessons! My student’s love them too!

    • stevewyborney@gmail.com on February 20, 2019 at 8:40 pm

      Hi, Carrie. I actually wrote some splat slides with doubling specifically in mind and embedded them in the early splat levels of 20 Days of Number Sense and Rich Math Talk (K-12). You’ll find at least one within each set. Here is the link: https://stevewyborney.com/?p=1891

  2. Dave Plaut on February 23, 2018 at 5:15 pm

    Hi Steve,

    I’m a math coach in Davis, California and I’ve been sharing your AMAZING materials with teachers in my district for the past 2 years. We “play” Splat, we look at Area Tiling qustions, we have Cube Conversations, we explore the Interactive Hundred Chart, etc.

    I want to communicate my deep, deep appreciation for the work that you do, and the gift of offering your INCREDIBLE materials for free. You are a gem. I hope you continue to create and share your materials, and I’m sorry it’s taken this long for me to let you know how much we love them.

    As a coach I am always trying to find ways to connect our math learning to visual representations and your materials really help us do that in an engaging, creative, analytical and novel way.

    I also really appreciate how you strive to develop materials that can be used up and down the grades.

    Finally, I want to encourage you to keep looking for ways for teachers to easily download large sets of your materials so we don’t have to download small sets at a time. I really appreciate it when you’ve done that. Some people might like the smaller collections (more grade-specific), but as a coach I like grabbing things in one swoop.

    Best wishes, and thank you!!!

    • stevewyborney@gmail.com on May 2, 2018 at 9:20 pm

      Hi Dave,

      I deeply appreciate your note. Thank you for taking the time to express all of this. I have tried several variations of how to make the files downloadable in bundles so that they can get into the hands of educators more easily. I appreciate hearing that this is helpful and will keep finding more ways to do so. Thank you again for such an encouraging note!

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