Scene 6: “Two Teachers Learning Together”

Scene 6 Still

In Scene 6, from the Animated Learning Walks Series, two teachers decide that they want to learn together, even when they is no learning walk scheduled.  So, they bring their students into one classroom in order to learn together.

For more information with 4 challenges and practical tips on how to make this realistically happen, see the recent blog post entitled, Stepping Into Each Other’s Classrooms.

The Animated Learning Walks Series

Scene 1:  The First Step  (1:50)

Scene 2:  The Exchange  (2:34)

Scene 3:  The Return  (1:27)

Scene 4:  The Teaming Exchange  (1:20)

Scene 5:  The Glimpse  (1:39)

Scene 6:  Two Teachers Learning Together  (2:07)

The original post, “Stepping Into Each Other’s Classrooms,” includes 4 challenges as well as practical tips on how to make learning walks a reality in your school.




  1. on January 2, 2016 at 11:01 am

    Team teaching for an entire year does sound like tremendous opportunity to learn and try out strategies from one another. I agree that, in that scenario, you would certainly want to be thoughtful about the pairing. The impact that that had on the students is very impressive. It makes me wonder about not only the instructional impact on the students, but also about how two teachers learning together — modeling learning every day — must have impacted the students and the classroom culture. Often, classes of that size don’t return such stories of growth. This is really impressive! Nice going!

  2. Aaron on January 2, 2016 at 10:53 am

    I had the privilege last year of team-teaching for a full year in Algebra on a super contract (6 periods of approximately 45 students per class).
    It was such a valuable experience, not just for myself and my co-teacher (both math certified), but we saw enormous academic growth from our students (nearly tripling the amount of students who passed out state test).
    I would have loved to have done this again, but with my new role of instructional coach I was unable to.
    I highly recommend doing this whenever possible as it is such a valuable experience for both the teachers and students (provided the pairing of teacher is right – we have done this unsuccessfully at times due to bad teacher pairings).

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