Scene 5: “The Glimpse”

LW Scene 5 Still

In Scene 5, from the Animated Learning Walks Series, the observers in the hallway decide to step into the classroom a second time to briefly view the teaming exchange.  If they look closely enough, they will begin to see possibilities for learning alongside other educators even when learning walks are not scheduled.

For more information with 4 challenges and practical tips on how to make this realistically happen, see the recent blog post entitled, Stepping Into Each Other’s Classrooms.

The Animated Learning Walks Series

Scene 1:  The First Step  (1:50)

Scene 2:  The Exchange  (2:34)

Scene 3:  The Return  (1:27)

Scene 4:  The Teaming Exchange  (1:20)

Scene 5:  The Glimpse  (1:39)

Scene 6:  Two Teachers Learning Together  (2:07)

The original post, “Stepping Into Each Other’s Classrooms,” includes 4 challenges as well as practical tips on how to make learning walks a reality in your school.


  1. LeeanneBranham (@LeeanneBranham) on January 20, 2016 at 2:30 pm

    Steve, thank you so much for these wonderful videos. They are a great tool!

    • on January 27, 2016 at 7:38 pm

      Leeanne, you are very welcome! I am enjoying making and sharing the videos, and it fuels me to hear that they are being seen, used, and are impacting teachers and students in positive ways. Do you have any topics you are interested in learning more about in video form?

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