NYABS Part 1: Leveling Off

When you begin watching the video you may agree that this is not your average blog series.  Or maybe, it is.  In this clip, pay particular attention to the challenge.  Find out if you are able to nearly instantly level off.

NYABS Part 1:  Leveling Off

NYABS Part 2:  Passing Out

NYABS Part 3:  Number Trading

NYABS Part 4:  Something Familiar

NYABS Part 5:  Building the Icon Map

NYABS Part 6:  Deliberately Challenging Your Own Thinking



This post marks my return to the 2015-2016 School Year!

Here are some of the favorite posts from last year:

Experiencing Subitizing

Beyond Subitizing

Math Imposter Sets

The all-time favorite:  The Animated Multiplication Table


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