16 Misconceptions

Number Line Misconception

I wrote these 16 images of common misconceptions before the September 17, 2015 #elemmathchat about “Mathematical Misconceptions.”  If you would like to use them in class, either play the silent video below and pause at key moments, or download the PowerPoint file here.



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  1. Sue Jones on September 24, 2015 at 5:35 pm

    Might want to be mindful that some of the kiddos aren’t exercising misconceptions because they don’t perceive a meaning in the symbols at all. Thus, the person putting 2 in the thousandths place in 9.261 might simply be doing the procedure wrong, *not* thinking about what things stand for at all. (I had 3 students in my tutoring lab today working on the same assignment — one of them was trying to understand it and the other two were trying to Finish So They Could Go Home. My best attempts at attaching meaning to the symbols went out into space for the other two.)

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