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I see that 3,700 visitors have viewed “The Animated Multiplication Table.”  The combination of a ready-to-use resource coupled with instructional ideas drew some attention.  That resource was downloaded by many educators, and I quickly heard the stories of how it was used in classrooms.  Thank you for sharing!


I have another downloadable resource to share as well as several instructional ideas.  This is the Green Light Hundreds Chart.  I used a similar chart in the “The Red Box Challenge” math problem.


I’m on a learning mission, and this part of the journey is to see if I can further learn how to create another resource that can impact teachers and students far and wide.  This is my next attempt.  Thank you for helping me to learn!


GLHC pic

Click here to download the Green Light Hundreds Chart.

Here are some instructional ideas:



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  1. Nieves and Fidel on February 1, 2015 at 1:22 pm

    Fantastic resource… make the things easy in my opinion, it’s the way that the students learn and grow their curiosity about math

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