Scene 1 – Animated Learning Walks Model: “The First Step”

By Steve Wyborney / December 27, 2015

In less than 2 minutes, I would like to paint a picture of a peer learning walk.  My hope is that you will begin to consider this practice and that you will soon find yourself seeing instructional practices in another classroom, and then trying those practices in your own room where they will be valuable to…

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Stepping Into Each Other’s Classrooms

By Steve Wyborney / December 26, 2015

Powerful instructional practices are occurring all around us.  Sometimes those practices are in classrooms only a few feet away from us.  So very close.  There may be teachers just a few moments down the hallway who are using highly effective strategies that could quickly empower our own instruction and positively impact our students.  We know…

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NYABS Part 4: An Average Algorithm Leads to Deep Thinking

By Steve Wyborney / November 30, 2015

Algorithms typically route us completely around opportunities for deeper thinking.  However, in this post, we see that using icons to represent a variety of strategies produces an opportunity to richly compare and contrast strategies, including an algorithm, to see what we can learn.  This post features 10 questions that can be used in this scenario…

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Touring KenKen

By Steve Wyborney / November 1, 2015

KenKen puzzles caught my attention recently while I was browsing through Marilyn Burns’ blog post.  Right away I was able to detect the power of these clever puzzles and their potential for developing number sense.  I was pleasantly surprised to find an entire site devoted to KenKen puzzles.  So, I set out to take a tour……

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16 Misconceptions

By Steve Wyborney / September 22, 2015

I wrote these 16 images of common misconceptions before the September 17, 2015 #elemmathchat about “Mathematical Misconceptions.”  If you would like to use them in class, either play the silent video below and pause at key moments, or download the PowerPoint file here.     Feel free to leave comments, subscribe, or simply explore the rest…

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